Working From Home?

working from home 2Are you working from home, self employed or perhaps want to be doing more?

Working from home and/or being self employed in a small office/home office environment has a lot of advantages. From flexibility, less travel time, lower overheads, greater organisational effectiveness and an opportunity for better life balance.

However you may also find yourself a little isolated missing the mental stimulation of sharing ideas with people and the daily face to face contact with your network of business colleagues.

Whatever your situation, you may be looking for something more, greater social and professional interaction, opportunity to network and connect face to face with like minded people, stimulating and interesting conversation, collaborative projects, sharing ideas and knowledge?

Maybe you’d like to do this, plus contribute to making a difference to the greater good?

An organisation such as Rotary can provide opportunities to:

          ♦  Ongoing personal development.
          ♦  Networking with both business owners and local community people
          ♦   Weekly contact opportunities – social, business and professional.
          ♦  Feel part of a diverse and inclusive environment with men and woman of all different ages and backgrounds.
          ♦  Make new friends and extend your circle of influence.
          ♦  Links to vast national and international networks.
          ♦  Extend yourself and your business skills to benefit your community and the wider world.
          ♦  Access to highly experienced business mentors.

Being a Rotary volunteer will help you help others – locally and internationally.  Becoming a member means you’ll be joining over 1.2 million volunteers across more than 200 countries that are all striving to make the world a better place.

For more information, download your free ‘Working From Home’ booklet.


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