RYPEN – Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

RypenRYPEN provides a group of young people aged 15-17 an opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills. This weekend long program will see you engage with like-minded people, while having fun and learning new skills in areas such as problem solving and public speaking. On top of learning these skills RYPEN will give you a chance to put them to practical use, through debate and physical activity.


♦  14-17 years old

Program information:

♦  This 2 day residential program is designed for young people who want to develop their potential.
♦  The program aims to encourage young people to create a successful and fulfilling life; deal positively with a variety of issues which affect their lives; and to make a difference, at home, at school as well as in the broader community.
♦  It uses a mix of presentations, discussions and demonstrations with practical applications; it includes personal challenges, outdoor activities, music, theatre and sport.
♦  Participants work together in groups, within a supportive environment

Benefits for participants:

♦  Developing skills to enhance self-awareness and self esteem
♦  Development of personal values and life skills
♦  Working in teams, and building team dynamics
♦  Understanding how to set goals and the importance of goals in all areas of life
♦  Learning how to create motivation for oneself and for others
♦  Opportunity to focus on community as well as how and why we contribute

Schools in the City of Knox are encouraged to discuss with the Rotary Club of Knox about the possibility of a suitable student that could benefit from the RYPEN experience. Associated costs are taken care of by the sponsoring club.  Enquire now for more information.

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