MUNA – Model United Nations Assembly

MUNA in Parliament

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) involves secondary students in a hands-on experience of a UN-style conference to increase international understanding and goodwill, which is one of the objects of Rotary.


♦  Year 11 students

Program information:

♦  This 2 day program simulates sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN). It encourages young people to learn about other countries & appreciate the workings of the UN.
♦  A team of two students is allocated a member country of the UN. They are required to investigate that country and represent its views as they debate a range of selected resolutions.
♦  Students are asked to dress to represent their country’s national costume.
♦  MUNA is held in the Legislative Assembly Chamber of Parliament House.
♦  The winning team attends the National MUNA in Canberra.
♦  Prizes are awarded for Best Team, Runner Up, Best Costume, Most Popular Team.

Benefits for participants:

♦  Opportunity to learn about other countries and their perspectives on international issues
♦  Working as a team
♦  Development of debating & public speaking skills
♦  Development of “listen & responding” (thinking on your feet) skills
♦  Commitment to & planning for deadlines – balancing responsibilities

Schools in the City of Knox are encouraged to discuss with the Rotary Club of Knox about the possibility of participating in the MUNA program. Associated costs are taken care of by the sponsoring club.  Enquire now for more information.

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