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Becoming a Member

How much time is required?

Much less than you think. Today’s world is a busy place and time is precious so we understand that a member’s availability can often vary according to the changing demands of their lifestyle, family and work commitments. Family and employment responsibilities are always number one priority ahead of volunteer activities and a member will prioritise their time appropriately.

Our social program of events outside of the regular meetings and project work is the key to building teamwork and strong healthy relationships between members. The social aspect to our club is very important because it brings everyone together without the formalities of a meeting to enjoy each others company which often leads to lifelong friendships being formed.

To get the most out of being a member it’s also important to attend as many club meetings as you can, however, the attendance requirement has become more flexible in recent times because we understand that busy schedules means members are sometimes not able to attend for a host of various reasons.

What does a membership cost?

We recently launched new membership packages which make it even more affordable to join the Rotary Club of Knox.  Partners are always welcome to attend our meetings and we have a number that come regularly which is why we introduced a special family membership offer.  Becoming a member has never been easier as partners now have the opportunity to join up at a discounted rate and enjoy all the benefits that our club has to offer.

Individual Membership – $200
Family Membership – $300
Start-up fee – $50

The start up fee is a once off cost to cover the price of  your membership induction pack, new member book, name badge, club t-shirt, club cap and Rotary pin.Knox Rotary Club Contact Us

On each attendance members pay a $5 fee to help cover our administration costs as our aim is to put all fundraising proceeds back into club projects and programs.

Most Rotary clubs that meet of an evening require their members to purchase a dinner meal at a cost of $20-$30, however as a lunchtime club there is no such requirement which is a significant saving. The Knox Club does have meals available for those members wishing to purchase something for their lunch.

The Rotary year runs on a financial year basis which means a valid membership runs from 1st July to 30th June.

What’s the process?

Firstly we recommend coming along to a few meetings to experience what Rotary is about and to get a better feel of whether it’s right for you. An application form is available as part of our new member prospectus kit which will be given to you at our meeting or also available on request prior.

Once your application is submitted, an interview with a member of the leadership team may be conducted to learn a little more about you and your reasons for joining. It’s also a good opportunity for  you to ask any questions you may have to learn more about our club before joining. For more information contact us.

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